Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Road Trip

*Present day*

I keep sending myself back on this emotional rollercoaster ride, not learning anything from the journey already travelled. 

Eden was relocated to a jail far, far away. He called me a couple of times to let me know that he was on his way there, then that he'd arrived, and that it seemed ok. And then for four days, he didn't call. The rational part of my brain knew that it was likely he didn't have any money on the phone and possible that they had a lock in day. The irrational side wondered if he was just over me already. But the invisible rope that ties us together had a more powerful pull than my irrational brain, so I booked a visit to see him.

I considered doing the entire trip in a single day, which would mean nine hours of driving for a two and a half hour visit. I decided that a night in a country town was just what I needed, so instead I booked a room at a motel near the jail. I was apprehensive about a night in a motel alone, but thought it was a safer bet than the long, solo drive.

Friday came and I still hadn't heard from Eden. This made me all the more eager to see him, and I was both nervous and excited about the trip. I pulled into the service station right before the highway to get some fuel when my phone rang. It was Eden.

"Hey stranger..."
"Hello. How are you?" He replied.
"I'm good. Where have you been all week?"
"I didn't have any money on the phone, I used the last of it to call you on the weekend and they only let you put more money on once a week here." He explained. Irrational me took a back seat.

"Do you miss me?" I felt needy and emotional.

"Nah." He laughed. I called him an arse. "No, really, I do hey, I miss you." He said seriously. "When are you gonna make the trip all the way out here to see me?"

He had previously told me that he didn't expect me to travel that far, that he knew it was too much. I hesitated, I wasn't sure if I should surprise him.

"Uhmmmm... now?" I said rather slowly.

"What? Are you on your way now? YOU'RE CRAZY! WHAT?" He was over the moon, laughing in disbelief. 
"Yeah, well... I wasn't sure when I would be able to come and I'm free tonight..." 
"You're crazy!" He sounded very surprised, and I was starting to feel offended.
"Well, you could call me crazy, or you could call me nice?" 
"YOU ARE AWESOME!" He declared. "Seriously, you are such an awesome person, I really appreciate it hey. I really do." He was so genuinely happy that my heart started to swell.

After a week of feeling sad and lonely, again a simple six minute exchange and I was on top of the world. He wanted to see me. He was excited I was coming. He wasn't over me at all. We quickly chatted about our weeks and every now and then he interjected;

"I can't believe you're coming to see me!"
"I was kind of hoping to surprise you, but now I'm glad I got to tell you so at least you'll be in a good mood for the rest of the night!"
"You're not wrong. I'm glad I called." He replied.

I filled up my car and pulled out of the service station, entering the highway with a smile from ear to ear.
I was going to see my love, and he was stoked.
What more could a girl want?


  1. What an adventure
    How do you manage to explain a weekend away?
    Josefa from #teamIBOT

    1. It was easy, I said,
      "I have plans."
      Strange that I wasn't really questioned...

  2. I don't know how you cope with the constant emotional roller coaster. You're a stronger woman than me :)

  3. So has he been moved from the previous prison he was in in the last few posts?

    1. Hi Emily,
      I hope you see this reply. Yes he has been moved AGAIN. This is the fourth centre in two months. It's exhausting.
      Thanks for being a loyal commenter x

    2. That is a lot, the nosey girl is me is curious as to why, are they ever told? lack of space, etc etc

    3. It depends on space and their classification (minimum, medium, etc) and some places are temporary where you're held in transit to the next place, he's been in 2 of those!


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