Monday, 18 March 2013

A change in tune!

*Present day*

The calls dwindled over the past two weeks. I rolled a few explanations around in my mind...
Maybe he's calling someone else? Another girl?
Maybe he's pulling back because of our last visit? Did I push him too hard?
Maybe he's in trouble...

On Tuesday my phone finally rang. In a very brief, one minute exchange, Eden explained that he hadn't had any money on the phone, and that he would call me first thing in the morning. And then two mornings passed, and my phone didn't ring. I was starting to wonder what kind of games he was playing. I was starting to forget about watching my phone altogether. 

Friday rolled around and I heard from him so early that I was actually still in bed. He sounded over the moon to finally hear my voice and we spent the six minutes trying to quickly catch up. He explained that they had been in lockdown for two days. He wasn't playing games at all, the man is in jail for Pete's sake, he doesn't have the liberty of phone calls at any time... He asked what my plans for the weekend were and I told him that of course I'd be visiting. I could tell from the sound of his voice that he was smiling. 

It really felt like the tables had turned. EDEN was the one eager and desperate for more. Something had changed, perhaps absence had made the heart grow fonder? Rather than being confusing and misleading, Eden was quite forward, and he asked me a very direct question that caught me off guard.

"Is there room for me at your place?"

Six minutes isn't a very long time. I would have liked the opportunity to explore the question further, to ask why the change in tune, but instead I just kept on talking. I think perhaps I wanted to wait until the weekend to have this discussion face to face. I think perhaps I wanted to see if it was a passing comment, or something that had been on his mind.

Suddenly the weekend couldn't come soon enough.

But if you want to know how it went, you'll have to pop back on Friday!

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