Tuesday, 5 February 2013

3. That First Kiss

December 2004

Juliet, the dice was loaded from the start, and I bet, and you exploded into my heart...

In the beginning it was justifiable. In my mind anyway. Eden might have had my number, he might have made my heart race, but we were just hanging out. I couldn't keep away from him. Before work, during work, after work, I just wanted to be around him. I didn't understand how I could meet someone and feel so incredibly tied to them. It happened so quickly.

Adam knew we were hanging out, and he knew we had exchanged numbers, but I constantly reassured him. We were friends, there was nothing more to it than that. It didn't help that Adam and I worked different shifts, and he was mostly working nights.

One day I was hanging out at the bakery before work. When I left, I went to kiss Eden on the cheek to say goodbye, as I always did. I'm not sure what went wrong... But we missed. This was the first time any real, tangible lines were crossed. Our kiss on the cheek was a kiss on the lips. A quick one, but on the lips no less. As I hurried across the road I knew I was in trouble, I enjoyed it way too much.

Eden and I decided we should talk about 'us'. We were obviously more than friends, we were obviously fooling ourselves. I can't tell you how the conversation went, I can't recall it. All I can remember is sitting in my car outside his place, and whispering...

"I'm not sure what I'll regret more, if I do kiss you... Or if I don't..."

And then we kissed. I couldn't help myself, I was so drawn to him. I won't lie, it was the best first kiss of my life. Charged with so much passion and intensity. My first kiss with Adam had been a drunken, sloppy one. But this, this was smooth and it was hot and it was so hard to stop.

I left him there and went home. I felt on top of the world. I couldn't believe that I felt like this. I had never doubted my love for Adam. Adam was a good man, and he always gave me butterflies in my stomach. But Eden ignited a fire in my heart. A fire that burned deep and bright and so incredibly hot. And from that night on, every time I saw him, I HAD to kiss him. I had to.

I love you like the stars above, I'll love you till I die... There's a place for us...

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