Sunday, 10 February 2013

7. The Turning Point: Part Two

January 2005

"I need a break. I need to get away. I'm going to stay with (insert random friend's name) for a couple of days. Her family have a place down south."

I barely even looked at Adam as I packed my bag. He stood there, helpless, miserable, not knowing what to say or do. I'm sure he didn't believe me, but he didn't question me, he just let me walk out.

I picked Eden up and we drove through the night. It was a long, quiet drive. We were both still tired from our big night at the cemetery. We stopped at a service station and as I was standing there he walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me... A sense of peace washed over me. I was enveloped in comfort. I felt like this was exactly where I was supposed to be. 

Sometime after midnight we pulled up at a gorgeous beach house. The large, wooden veranda was painted blue and yellow and it had a beautiful ocean view. It was picture perfect. His room was on the outside of the house, with it's own external door. Eden had never seen me naked before, up until this point we hadn't even been in an enclosed space together. We quickly changed and fell onto the bed, exhausted. 

Not even the lack of sleep and energy was enough to dampen the chemistry between us. We'd never been in a bed together before... It started with some snuggling, that led to kissing, and before long I pulled him on top of me.

"I could really have sex with you right now." He whispered.
With that I pulled his shorts off.

The next day I met his family. His mum, his little brother, his nan... Down there, I wasn't Adam's wife. Down there, I was Eden's girlfriend, and I loved it. We took a walk along the water and saw stingrays swimming beneath the jetty. We went shopping, we held hands, we hugged and we kissed, just like a normal couple. We'd never been like this before, and it felt amazing. 

I loved seeing him like this, he and his family had an honest and loving relationship, and they were nothing but nice to the random girl he turned up with out of the blue. But we had to go home; I had a new job to start. When I dropped him back at his place, we both knew we'd changed forever. There was no denying it now, we were truly, madly, deeply in love.

If you missed part one you can find it here.

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