Friday, 8 February 2013

5. The Turning Point: Part One

December 2004

It was New Years' Eve, that's when it changed. Adam and I had an argument because someone told him that I had been at Joseph's house with Eden. In actual fact, it was a legitimate drug deal and not a romantic indiscretion (that was my justification anyway). Joseph was Eden's mate, I had bought a stash of acid and since it wasn't easy to come by, I sold some to them.

That's how it was back then. Acid, speed, ecstasy, MDMA, pot... and we'd all get on it. Adam wasn't so into the drug scene but many of our friends were. I would never say that any of us had a problem, we just wanted to have a good time.

Adam and I were at a New Years Eve party with friends when Joseph and Eden called me... from memory I think they wanted more acid. My best friend Clare and I loved taking a drive when we were high. In hindsight it was incredibly stupid, but it was our thing. We were a little bored at the party, so we were more than happy to do a drug run. We picked up Joseph and Eden and drove around. The four of us were high, and we took delight in egging the car and house of someone we used to call a friend. We visited a mosque and dared each other to go in. Then Clare and I decided it was time to head back to the party so we dropped them off.

Adam was drinking, and when Clare and I returned, he was really angry. It didn't help when my phone rang again, and I almost rolled on the ground laughing when Joseph yelled at me through the phone "YOU NEED TO COME BACK! I NEED SOME LIP BALM!" (In reference to my obsession with it).

Adam went off at me, calling me a junkie and all sorts of things before going home. I can't blame him. Here we were with our friends, one of which had seen me hanging out with a bunch of guys, only to then have me leave the party to meet the same guys, only to then have them call me again. He let all of his anger build up until it exploded.

But, you see... I was high. So when he left the party, Clare and I decided we would too. We went back and picked up Joseph and Eden and went for a drive. And what do four high people do when driving around in the wee hours of the morning? We went to a cemetery, walked around, read some tombstones, we explored. I didn't even kiss Eden that night, we were just hanging out like friends.

I finally went home at around 8am. Adam was furious, how dare I go out all night. I was furious, how dare he expect me to stay home all night just because he doesn't like to party. I felt judged. He knew who I was when he married me, he shouldn't be trying to change me now. I tried to get some sleep before work that afternoon.

Later that day at work, Eden came to visit me. I sat and had a break and we talked. I told him about the fight with Adam, how I was over it, how I didn't want to go home... I suggested we find somewhere to go, I had a couple of days off, we could get away.

Turns out he knew just the place...

To be continued

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